The Benefits of Official Betting

Official betting is wagering on sports events that are regulated by state governments. It is legal in over 32 states, and the number of states that have legalized the practice is growing.

There are many benefits to legal sports betting, including:

Direct Ties with Retail Locations

Nearly every state that has launched its own iGaming market requires online operators to hitch their wagon to a physical location located in that state. This not only further legitimizes online bookmakers, but gives players extra means to seek help in case of any issues.


In totalizators, odds change in real-time based on a share of the exchange for each possible outcome. This type of wagering is similar to parimutuel betting in horse racing and dog racing.


We worked with NASCAR to build a first-of-its-kind official sportsbook product with over 25 in-race bet-types. This official data-powered solution allows fans across regulated US states to place bets live on every lap of each race.

The most popular sport in the country is professional football, which has a massive betting handle during the NFL season. All of our top betting sites will have a wide range of NFL betting options for you to choose from, with Sundays being the busiest day of the week for action.

Rules for Player Props

For player props, the game must be played for at least 8.5 innings to have action, and all games must end in a win for a wager to have action on the money line or totals. If specified extra innings are incorporated into the wager, then those additional runs may count towards the wager.