How Official Betting Can Affect Your Bets

Official betting is the process of making wagers on upcoming events. This can include futures bets on things like league Most Valuable Player awards and championship outcomes. These bets can be placed before the season or throughout it, and odds will shift as the season progresses.

Baseball games often get shortened because of bad weather, and this can impact your bets. But most moneyline bets will still stand if they’ve been made by the time the game is called or after a certain amount of innings. Most sportsbooks designate a game as “official” after five full innings, and the bets will still pay if they reach that point even if the game gets shortened to four or fewer innings.

This is also true of inning-specific bets, as long as they are made before the game is called or a specified number of innings has been completed. For example, if you bet on Royals -0.5 runs in the seventh inning and the game is called before that inning is played, your bet will be void. This is because the official score reverts to the previous inning in such cases.