Louisiana’s Official Sports Betting Market

Taking a gander at the sports betting market in Louisiana, it’s safe to say that the state has a lot to live up to in terms of the number of bettors and overall handle. The state has seen some major upticks in the last few years, and with the new year upon us, it’s likely that things will only get better. In fact, according to recent estimates, Louisiana is projected to have hundreds of millions in sports betting handle by the time the 2021 Super Bowl rolls around.

The top of the tree sports betting options in Louisiana are Betfred, Caesars, and Draft Room. All three of these are licensed gambling operators. These firms provide customers with the legal protections and resources they need to ensure their bets are paid out in full, and that their money is safe.

Although it’s not the most profitable venture in the state, the Louisiana online sports betting industry is poised to grow in the coming years. Despite the state’s stance on legalized sports wagering, the state’s two professional sports teams, the Saints and the Tigers, remain popular among Louisiana sports fans. With the Citrus Bowl in store for this year, it’s not hard to imagine that local sports bettors will be back home in style.

Aside from the online betting industry, the state also is a hotbed for brick-and-mortar sportsbooks. The Paragon Casino Resort in Marksville is home to Betfred’s sportsbook, and the location also features self-serve kiosks for quick bet payouts.